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Leggings are a new trend in women’s attire. From the toughest workouts to a girl’s night out. Although many fashion trends come and go throughout the years, leggings, especially the black and white abstract leggings, seems to stay in style. You might wear them with different outfits, but they always seem to be in style.

Irrespective of age, everyone can feel the comfort and flexibility of wearing them. Following are a few of the benefits.

They are comfortable and easy to put on. The elastic waist makes them simple to just pull up. There are no buttons, zippers, clasps, which makes them a quick option if you are in a hurry when you get dressed. They are also sweat-free and can be used in yoga also.

if you like wearing shorts, but don’t like to show off too much leg, leggings are the best choice in this case. They will cover up your entire skin, but still, give you freedom of wearing all of your favourite clothes. It provides you high comfort in all public places and activities.

Depending your height and style, abstract leggings contour the body, conceal cellulite and slimmer the thighs.  They are fabulous for running around town to squatting it out in the gym.


There are numerous shapes of abstract leggings including pyramid, GIGI, JD Classic with side pockets, Sirius, Summer blue II, Snakeskin, The Oreo, V Fit, etc.

The pyramid

These are highly comfortable black and white abstract fabric (80% Polyester-20% Spandex) leggings which you can wear on any occasion and outfits like during yoga, sports, or gym, etc. These are available in S,M, and L sizes. No-slip down, Non-fading colours, no sweat accumulations, and maintaining original colour outfit are some of the features of these type of women leggings.

Snakeskins (Anaconda)

Define your gymwear with the Anaconda abstract leggings. These snakeskin leggings are perfect to your workout. These are designed with tummy compression, booty lift, and no-slip down fabrics, with zero sweat formation during exercising.

These comfortable all occasion wear is available in 3 models- S &M.It’s also made of 80% polyester and 20% spandex.

Side pocket leggings

You must have encountered a problem of phone-slipping off your pant pocket during workout. Keeping your phone away from you can be misplaced. Side pocket abstract leggings are the best choice for you, in this case.  It facilitates you to keep your cell phone and other personal belongings safe with uninterrupted exercise whether on treadmill or running errands. It can be machine washable with cold and air dry for maintenance, sweat opponent, spandex, and contemporary visibility.

Summer blue II

It gives you optimum coverage, no-slip down, and maintain its original fit. The mixture of perfect shades of blues made with high compression fabrics (80% polyester and 20% spandex), fitted to enhance your body and shape your hip, have accolade by today’s youths or basically gym-goers. You can get a synthesis of both white and blue colour. It’s also sweat resistance and tummy compression – available in S, M, and L sizes with best affordable prices.

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